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What is a Ball?

A Ball is a competition where teams of people known as "houses" compete against each other in various categories based on fashion, realness, hair, dance and costume effects just to name a few.

To be honest, a Ball is nothing more than a big show and the judges are forced to choose which house gave the better show. Elaborate costumes, grand entrances, skits and self-confident people displaying their skills and/or talents is what makes a Ball so great.

A Ball is a form of entertainment for those who compete as well as for those who spectate. For competitors, it's showcasing themselves and earning their "oscar" in less than ten minutes. They are fueled on anxiety and confidence that this time they will win. For spectators, its about viewing the outlandish antics, choosing your own winner and hoping that your choice wins.

Many reality tv shows that we watch currently are based on the ideal behind a ball. Our runway categories are mimiced by "America's Next Top Model". Our fashion categories are mimiced by "Project Runway". Our dance categories are mimiced by "America's Best Dance Crew" and "So You Think You Dance". You can find traces of the ball scene in a lot of the competition based shows. Even our couple categories can be traced to the reality dating shows.

A Ball is synonymous with the LGBTQ community but is open to all genders, races, creeds and sexual preferences. Below is a video of the 2010 "Fashion Revolution" Ball presented by GMHC's Latex Project. If you aren't intrigued to see more after viewing this video then you aren't living! (just a joke... I'm pretty sure you're still breathing)