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How to earn Life?

Life is a term that loosely stands for fame, notoriety and reputation. Everyone can be known for something but getting respect, a title and love must be earned. What you do to earn it is "getting your life".

Many Ball competitors compete in countless ball functions in order to get their Life. Those who have retired from the scene use their name to do things outside of competing in order to maintain theirs. Life is being acknowledged for your contributions by all those in the scene.

Now there are a small few who feel ball life is the same as having a life and that couldn't be farthest from the truth. As Roxi Moulin-007, I earned life on the runway competing and off the runway encouraging others to participate and try to earn their own. My actual life is the one filled with bills, responsibilities to myself and making sure that neither of the two mix or dominates the other.

Walking a Ball is a mere hobby that should only be taken seriously once you enter the stage to compete. Getting your Life doesn't make anything in your everyday appear better much like celebrities who may be excellent singers, dancers or actors but have a timultuous daily life. One who earns the best Life is one who can control both stages at once. He/She dominates on the runway as well as doesn't succumb to the stress of everyday life. No one wants to be Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan.

Getting your Life and living your life shouldn't be one in the same. Nor should one supercede the other. You must have balance to achieve a true self of sense. Living your life pays for you to get your Life but not the other way around (unless you're Iconic Commentator Jack Mizrahi - @gorgeousjack).

I hope that all free agents aka 007s as well as those in houses read my blogs in order to get their own Life. I'm not the best "teacher" of the scene but as one on the come up, I aim to share my knowledge with others and hopefully inspire them to use it to do better than me. (What's a competition without worthy opponents? LOL)

(I know I will)

(if you have any information, questions or comments, feel free to email me at roxibangbang@gmail.com)